Folk Fest Plus a Fiasco

I’m alive! But just barely.  

See, I spent the better part of Thursday through Sunday at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. And, as it turns out, sitting around taking in hours of sunshine, great food and fantastic music takes a lot out of a person. Seriously. My apperance yesterday morning would have turned you to stone.

Upload from August 09, 2011
But before I disappeared into a (non-chemically-induced) haze of weekend relaxation, I set aside time to make tasty treats to share with my festival-going companions and, of course, you! 

And truly tasty treats they were meant to be: supremely simple no-knead bread, shaped into baguettes, brushed with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with glittering grains of salt, and studded with olives, teeny tomatoes and whole cloves of garlic. The four loaves were meant to rival the glory of the four-day-long festival. 

Upload from August 09, 2011
But here’s the thing. My oven and I, well, we’re still getting used to one another. And it seems that it’s taking a while to, ahem, warm up to me. 

The baguettes, full of love and tastiness, they stuck to the pan. Fused, actually.  

So instead of passing around golden loaves to great friends on the hill, I spent a night alone in my kitchen chiseling and prying bread off of a metal cookie sheet with an assortment of very large, very sharp knives.

(That breeze you feel? That’s from my mom’s head shaking as she balks at my utter disregard for personal safety  from aaaaall the way across the country.) 

Upload from August 09, 2011
Long story short: my kitchen mishap means I’m without a recipe today. 

But now that I’ve got a full day of work, an evening of errands, an unhealthy amount of coffee and tea and an inadequate amount of sleep under my belt, I’m fully energized and ready to get cooking. So check back in the next couple of days for a super-tasty recipe that kept me going this past weekend! 

And, to end on an unrelated note, props to my sister Lauren and brother-in-law Rob of Rob & Lauren Photographers for snapping the stunning shot of Sunday night’s finale. Thanks team! 

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