Top 11 Posts of 2011

Well team, the year’s nearly up. And so, to say so long to 2011, I’m passing along 11 of the year’s best posts. Below, you’ll find five awesome recipe posts, chosen for their tastiness potential as determined either by the number of comments you guys left or by family and friends’ taste buds. You’ll also find six snazzy tips posts — often with recipes included! — which cover everything from how to cook this-or-that, to ways to save time in the kitchen. Give them a read-through, and you’ll be sure to get 2012 off to a delicious start. Now, without further ado, the top 11 posts of 2011! 


1. No-Knead Bread

Upload from December 27, 2011

The idea: One of my earliest post, this recipe for Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread remains one of my favourites. Sure, it takes a while — 18 hours in total — to make a loaf, but the wait is so worth it. As the name states, the recipe requires no laborious kneading; it’s one of the easiest, most delicious things I’ve ever made. You’ve got to give it a try!

The post: Minimum Effort, Maximum Awsome: No-knead Bread

2. Cosmic Cookies 

Upload from December 27, 2011The idea: While I still have yet to figure out what makes these cookies “cosmic” (and it’s not that they’re made with illicit substances, as some of you thought), I do know that they’re delicious. Based off of Planet Organic’s best-selling cookie, these treats are packed with all sorts of deliciousness, including chocolate chips, dried fruit and molasses. And the recipe makes loads, which means you can get galactic for weeks!

The post: 
Cosmic Cookies!

3. Kale Chips

Upload from December 27, 2011The idea: Strangely addictive, these little chips were a big hit with everyone they encountered. Crispy, salty, light-as-air, inexpensive, and super-easy to throw together, kale chips should become a regular in your snack repertoire. I’m making some today!

The post: Kale Chips: A Simple, Healthy, HIghly-Addictive Snack Solution

4. Nicoise Salad

Upload from December 27, 2011

The idea: While the name says that this dish is a salad, it’s really a meal, and a delicious, well-rounded one at that. Made with warm-weather staples like bright tomatoes, green beans and fresh basil, this is a recipe worth looking forward to. Summer can’t come soon enough! 

The post:
A Nicoise, Sort Of 

5. Goat Cheese with Lemon and Thyme

Upload from December 27, 2011The idea: No FoodHappy list of favourites would be complete without a recipe centred around cheese. And this recipe’s a great one: creamy goat cheese gets mixed and topped with bright lemon zest and fresh thyme. The whole thing takes mere minutes to prepare, but will leave people smiling for ages (and trust me, this is a recipe that’s dangerous not to share). 

The post: A Speedy, Savoury, Delicious Detour!


1. How to Dice an Onion like a Pro! 

Upload from December 27, 2011

The idea: In this post, you’ll learn, step-by-step, the basics of how to dice an onion with ease (and without crying!). You’ll also find tips on how to change up the size of your dice, and a bit of background information on why onions make us cry. The technique transfers well to non-onion items, so make sure to give this one a read!

The post: How to Dice an Onion like a Pro (It’s Easy!)

2. How to Cook Quinoa

Upload from December 27, 2011

The idea: Here, you’ll find out how to make a pot of super-trendy, good-for-you quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah). You’ll also find a recipe for one of my favourite quinoa dishes, a meal-style salad that makes use of tasty ingredients like dried cherries, feta, greens, apple cider vinaigrette and, of course, quinoa!  

The post:
How to Cook Quinoa + An Easy, Awesome Quinoa Creation!

3. How to Cook Oatmeal (Plus Seven Tasty Variations!)

Upload from December 27, 2011

The idea: In this post, you’ll learn the basics of cooking oatmeal on the stove and in the microwave. You’ll also find seven simple, tasty toppings suggestions, including standards like banana, nutmeg and brown sugar, to more unique ideas like nutella and fruit, or cinnamon, raisins and an egg! 

The post: A Week’s Worth of Oatmeal: Seven Simple Variations!

4. How to Pop Popcorn with Ease

Upload from December 27, 2011

The idea: In this early post, I’ve passed along one of my favourite kitchen tricks: a super-fast method of making perfect popcorn in the microwave, using an unwaxed brown paper bag. I’ve also served up a few tasty popcorn seasoning suggestions, including one of my all-time sweet-and-salty favourites: cinnamon-sugar and sea salt. 

The post: 
 How to Pop Popcorn with Ease!

5. How to Roast a Tomato

Upload from December 27, 2011

The idea: Here, you’ll learn how to turn rock-hard tomatoes into gloriously flavourful treats, through the power of roasting. You’ll also find eight ingredient-pairing suggestions to take your roasted tomatoes to a new level (herbs, oils and cheeses, oh my!), along with a few tasty roasted-tomato-based recipes. Given that it’ll be months before we see sun-ripened tomatoes, this is a post you don’t want to miss!
The post: How to Roast a Tomato + 8 Ingredients to Inspire Your Creation!

6. Five Tips to Save Time in the Kitchen 

Upload from December 27, 2011The idea: In this post, I pass along five tips to help you save time in the kitchen, including  simple suggestions (prep first, cook second!) and super-handy prep techniques (how to grate ginger and remove garlic skins with ease). Whether you’re a novice or know your way around the kitchen, this is an essential read! 

The post:
Five Fast Tips to Save Time in the Kitchen!


So there we have it, team: the tastiest and most useful posts of 2011! It’s been a ton of fun going through the year’s posts to send these top recipes and tips your way — I hope you’ll have as much fun trying and retrying them out in your own kitchen. 

Thanks so much for following along over the past year — it’s been awesome sharing ideas, adventures, and food with you. I’ve got big plans for FoodHappy in 2012, so I hope you’ll stick around to join me in the adventures to come. Happy near-New Year everyone — may your 2012 be super-tasty! 

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