FoodHappy Returns!

I’m back!

Upload from July 04, 2011
After a week spent at a conference-or-three in Banff, on a farm in British Columbia, and in a cabin in the valley of the mountains, I’ve returned to Edmonton! 

And while I accomplished a lot of things while I was away - hanging out with some awesome academics, brushing up on my Australian slang, and unintentionally angering a cow, to name just a few - none of them were culinary. 

Upload from July 04, 2011
Because not only did I not have the time to cook - two of the three photos I’m posting were taken from a moving vehicle for a reason -
 but I never needed to either.  

See, between being at a conference centre that dished up enough food for a small army (or contingent of economists) six times a day and having kitchen-savvy friends, the closest thing to cooking I ever had to do was toast bread. Which, now that I think about it, I’ve posted about before. Huh.

Upload from July 04, 2011

But now that I’m back and have retired my dress shoes and wash-rinse-and-repeat-ed the DEET from my hair, I’m itching to get back in the kitchen. So stay tuned this week for more tasty recipes, and maybe a few stories too

And in the mean time, have a happy Monday!

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