FoodHappy is Taking Your Requests!

Today, it’s about you.  

Today, you get to tell me what to make.



1. You’re great!
Simple as that. You’ve stopped by, said hello, and - my favourite part - tried things out. Great!  

2. I want to help you. 

I’m hugely passionate about food. I’m also hugely passionate about people. So when it comes to helping people with food, I’m so there. Some of you are talented cooks, and some of you are just starting out. That’s totally fine. Because I believe that good food shouldn’t be defined first and foremost by the level of skill it requires. I believe that good food - food that keeps you physically and mentally healthy and happy - can be made fun and accessible to everyone.


So I want to know: how can I help? What do you want to know how to make? What do you want to learn?


3. Sharing is awesome.

Everybody knows that food is best when it’s shared. So while I’ve been posting, and you guys have been leaving awesome comments, I thought: why not take this sharing-over-the-internet thing a step further? If I could share with you guys an idea that originated out there, with you guys, wouldn’t that be cool? 



Easy. Leave me a comment telling me what you’d like me to post about.

If you’re shy - and there’s no need to be! - send me an email. Either way, feel free to suggest a recipe (or two!), an ingredient, or a technique - however vague or specific - anything goes! 

(A quick note that, while I don’t eat meat, you’re definitely welcome to suggest a dish that typically requires meat, as long as you’re cool with me adapting it to be vegetarian-friendly! Just for clarity’s sake: I do eat dairy, eggs, and butter and the like, but don’t eat beef, pork, chicken, and fish. I’m pretty handy at finding good substitutes for them though!) 



I’m here to do the heavy (and happy!) lifting. I will: 

  1. Read your suggestions and choose one (at least!) to make: If there’s one thing that keeps popping up, I’ll go with that. If there isn’t, I’ll choose a suggestion that I think you guys will find interesting and fun.
  2. Do the research; 
  3. Get the groceries;
  4. Make the mystery item, take the photos, write the post, and; 
  5. Report back to you!  



Submit your suggestions by midnight on Wednesday, March 16. (I’ll post other stuff in the mean time.) 
I’ll post the results - photos, recipes, stories, whatever else is relevant! - on Monday, March 21. 



If you guys have fun doing this, we can work it into the rotation. If you don’t dig it, it’ll be a blip in history. Either way: you’re always welcome to drop me a line to give me suggestions and ask questions!


That’s my spiel. I’ve got my oven mitts on and my whisk at the ready. 

 Now the ball is in your court. So, let me ask you:  


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