Get Your Vote On with Dinner Democracy!

Today, it’s all about democracy.

And I’m not talking about the Canadian federal election that wraps up tomorrow! 

I’m talking about giving you more say on what shows up on FoodHappy; about starting a Dinner Democracy!

Two months ago, I asked you to tell me what you’d benefit most from seeing on FoodHappy. And man, was it fun! (And I’m still working on your requests!) But I found myself guessing at which requests would be best for the majority of you. And since the point of FoodHappy is to help get people cooking, I don’t want to miss the mark. 

So I’m changing it up to make it better for you! Now, you get to submit requests AND vote to determine which one shows up on FoodHappy first. 

So long, tyrannical recipe-choosing Stephanie. Hello, Dinner Democracy!



Here’s how it works!


Submit your requests - via comments or email ( - from now until 11:59 PM (MST) on Wednesday, May 4th.  

Nominate anything - a dish, an ingredient, a technique, a history lesson, a question - that will help get you cooking! And while I’m a vegetarian, I’ll do my best to accommodate anything you suggest. 


I’ll choose five unique nominations at random and post them in poll-form by 6 AM on Thursday, May 5th(More popular suggestions will have a higher probability of being chosen. Oh, math.) 

Now you get to vote to decide the winner! If you’re keen on seeing a particular idea win, get your friends and family to vote too!  

Voting closes at midnight (MST), Saturday, May 7th.


Once you guys have elected a nominee (!), I’ll compile the post. As long as the project doesn’t require days to complete, the post will be up on the morning of Tuesday, May 10th. 

Then it’s time for you to get in the kitchen! 


Like I’ve said, FoodHappy is about youSo I want to give you a chance to show your fellow voter-cooks what you’ve created! 

Snap a photo of your version of the winning idea and upload it to the FoodHappy Facebook page! If you’re not a Facebook user, send it my way and I’ll post it - along with your name, if you so wish! - here for all to see and admire. No deadline on this one!

That’s it! Now get your democratic juices flowing early and tell us: 


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