Food Trucks, the Roman Way

Over a Skype call early this morning, my mother informed that I was not posting enough photos! Despite my protests that I hadn’t had any photogenic food adventures yet – a state driven by a combination of work calls, accidental sleeps, and a cupboard kitchen (that is, a kitchen that exists inside a cupboard) – she wouldn’t hear me out. I had promised photos, and I was not delivering, no ma’am!

Of course, my mom is right – I made an e-commitment that I would share adventures more often than once a week, recipes or not! So here we are: a couple shots of food life in Rome, snapped while wandering on a cloudy day earlier in the week. 

Upload from April 27, 2012

You’ll find these food trucks – an army’s worth of nearly-identical snack shops on wheels – scattered throughout the city, next to its more prominent tourist attractions (of which Rome boasts about a zillion). Day after day, the folks who run the things set up shop inside to swap food – pizza, beer, pringles, fruit – for tourist dollars, before tearing them down and starting over again the next day. 

And while they may not offer up the best fare that Rome has to offer, my guess is that they’re a happy sight to any weary visitor who, after spending hours climbing up and down the stairs of the Colosseum in the Italian sun, just wants a gelato and a bit of shade.

Speaking of which, it’s about time I fulfill my mother’s second request and go eat my first gelato, already! More soon, friends!

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