FoodHappy's Five Days of Festive Treats!

Now that we’re well into December – for anyone in denial of the pending holiday, I promise to pay recompense for shattering those illusions in just a moment – it’s time to bust out the measuring cups. And, this year, I’ve miraculously managed to find myself organized enough to share festive recipes with you in advance of Christmas. In fact, dear mystery internet friends, over the next seven days, I’ll be sharing with you the five recipes that my sister and I will be passing out to friends and family (and now you!) over the holidays. Ambitious? Maybe. But the fancy text below says I’m going to do it, and who am I to argue, with the holidays so close?


The five recipes – two newbies and three old FoodHappy favourites – were carefully chosen to make for a well-rounded cookie care package, providing sweetness and spice, chocolate and fruit, healthfulness, indulgence, nostalgia and whimsy, crunch, crispness and chew. And, good news, they fit the usual FoodHappy requirements of offering deliciousness without relying on difficult techniques or hard to find ingredients (my sister and I managed to pound all five recipes out in a day, with time for a movie and a lot of snuggles with her new baby to boot). Plus, being a creature of habit, I’ve gone for recipes that I’ve made countless times, with enthusiastic and garbled words of approval from family and friends, with the hope of giving you recipes that turn out well without fail.

So stay tuned over the next week for some holiday insanity, and five cookie recipes too! 

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