An Eater's Introduction to Rice: Part 1

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year at FoodHappy. To celebrate in true FoodHappy style — that is, in hopes of making great food accessible and fun — I’ll be passing along the information you guys have requested most over the past year:  Upload from January 23, 2012Sounds like a rather bland way to ring in a birthday, I know, but rice is anything but boring. Because this teeny seed beats out the other grain powerhouses — corn and wheat — to be the cereal we humans consume most, accounting for over a fifth of the calories we collectively enjoy. Its 100,000+ varieties have, over multiple thousands of years, travelled the globe to fight famines and signal celebrations in an unfathomable array of colours, shapes, textures, and flavours. As the foundation of entire cultures (not to mention a lifetime of tasty dishes!), rice, then, is a big, big deal. 

So to do this grain — and your question — justice, I’ll be posting through the week to pass on tidbits, tips and techniques that will not only help you make the precise batch of rice you’re after (you’ll have the methods down in no time!), but will also help you understand how you got there. Fun will be had, jokes will be made, silly diagrams will undoubtedly be shown. 

So join me over the week, as we embark on:

Upload from January 23, 2012

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