A Million Little Gelati

Yesterday morning, I started coming down with something. Just a tickle in the throat, really. So I pushed through, spending my day traipsing from market to park to military zone (an accident) to church under the intense Roman sun. Last night, I paid the price for my silly adventure, succumbing to sleep at 9PM, waking only to pop pills and pile on more layers, despite the 30 degree temperature. Today, though I’m on the up, I’m still stuck in bed. So instead of the recipe I had planned to share today, I have for you a zillion photos of gelato, which is precisely what I’d be eating right now if I was capable of hobbling the one block I’d need to to find a gelateria.  

Upload from July 13, 2012

Though one could easily consume twenty teeny gelatos in a few weeks’ time, the photos above have been gathered over the course of my trip – a summary of my summer in gelato form. They come from Rome, Orvieto, Cortona, Florence, Amalfi, Capaccio and Tivoli; from gelaterias that opened mere months ago to ones that have stood the test of time over decades; from multi-national chains boasting organic ingredients and biodegradable cups (and cones, I suppose!) to the independent producers of Florence’s annual artisanal gelato festival. Though chocolate is featured heavily, the photos document more unique flavours too, like candied chestnut, white peach with lemon caviar, chocolate with chili, buffalo milk ricotta with Sicilian walnuts, ginger sorbet, and a trio of gelati nestled inside fresh brioche. Not bad! 

In a city that seems to get to bed early, gelaterias are one of the few businesses aside from restaurants and cafes that are open past 9PM. And, as the temperature climbs in Rome, they stay packed with people queuing up for a few scoops right until they close down around 11PM. From sharply-dressed business types to nuns and, of course, me, you’ll see all kinds of folks enjoying a conno or coppa packed with a few scoops and, if you so wish, topped with fresh whipped cream. And so, I think, should you. Grab yourself a small gelato or ice cream that’s made with real ingredients – milk or cream, fresh fruit, good-quality chocolate, and free of artificial dyes and stabilizers (the things on the ingredient list that you can’t pronounce) – and you’ll be set to battle the heat that’s settled over North America this summer. And please, have an extra little scoop for me! 

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