FoodHappy Favourites Featured in EatInEatOut Magazine! (Plus Adventures!)

Today, I’m sharing an old favourite – but you won’t find it here!

This morning, the Canadian food e-magazine, EatInEatOut, released their summer issue. And, alongside a handful of fantastic Canadian food bloggers, I had the good fortune of contributing two tasty recipes to the magazine’s feature on awesome summer fare. Good news! 

Along with a silly intro where I liken myself to a large piece of cheese, you’ll find featured in the magazine a recipe I’ve made time and again since sharing it with you guys last summer (and again at the end of 2011): the veggie-and-cheese-packed Nicoise salad. To up both the ease and tastiness factors, I’ve rewritten the recipe and swapped the standard vinaigrette for a roasted garlic variety, snapping new photos along the way. If you’re in the market for an awesome summer meal, this is it!  

Upload from June 05, 2012

Next week, you’ll find another summer favourite – nostalgia-inducing cheesy s’mores – featured on the EatInEatOut webpage, again with new photos and improved instructions.

If you’re in the market for a bit of reading and a lot of deliciousness, I would love if you’d check out the website, magazine or my feature piece

Upload from June 05, 2012

And now, for something entirely different, here are a few photos I snapped this week while adventuring around Rome. This past Saturday, the country celebrated the Italian equivalent to Canada Day, the Festa della Reppublica. In Italian style, my traveling companion and I grabbed a gelato and headed to the President’s gardens, open just once a year, to hang out with a friend and, as it happens, the president. (Not really, but we did spot the man.) 

Upload from June 05, 2012

Come Sunday, the three of us holidayed within the city, picnicking (with wine, of course) in a park, grabbing another healthy dose of gelato, and watching the sun set behind the Colosseum. Not bad!

Now that my weekend holiday is up and the magazine piece is done, I’ll be getting back into the swing of things and dishing up that bruschetta I promised last week. Until then, happy eating!     

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