Weekend Adventures + Granola Revisited

It’s been another one of those madly-busy-and-thus-cooking-free weeks here at FoodHappy, so I’ll be working to pull together a new recipe for you over the week. In the mean time, I’ll share with you a few photos I snapped at the lovely party my mom’s friend threw for my sister and her teeny baby this past weekend while my mom’s out visiting from Prince Edward Island. 


For the occasion, and in between visiting with my mom and my new nephew, I pulled together a quick batch of orange zest, date and pecan granola. It’s been a while since I revisited the original post, but I’m glad that I did; making just one variety this time around rather than four, I learned how ridiculously quick good granola is to make. Ten minutes of prep time plus a few minutes here and there to stir the stuff as it baked and — poof! — tasty breakfast. 


Starting next week, with all the weddings and parties being said and done and my mom having headed back to PEI, I’ll have plenty of time to get back to sharing recipes with you. Until then, happy breakfasting! 

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