Three Old Favourites (in Just One Grocery Run!)

It’s been a busy few days here at Chez Happy and so, despite my best efforts, my latest post isn’t quite ready to go. So, while you wait for a new recipe and for me to develop better time management skills, I’ve dipped into the archives to remind you of some tasty favourites from times past. Since you’re probably just as busy as me, I’ve chosen three recipes that’ll let you recycle ingredients from a single grocery run. That, and they’re all de-licious (not to be confused with delicious, which is less delicious than de-licious).


No-knead bread

Of all the recipes I’ve made, this is the one that people talk about the most. And not, I think, because it’s so easy to make (which it is), but because it’s wildly delicious. (In a frightening testament to its tastiness, my two eating companions and I devoured the first loaf I made in a single sitting. And then we did it again.) All the credit for this amazing, kneadless creation goes to Mr. Jim Lahey, but I’m sure happy to be the messenger. The dough needs a day’s worth of resting time before it’s ready to bake, which means we all probably should have started making a batch yesterday. 

Nicoise, sorta

The only reason I haven’t made this salad recently is because I forgot it existed. Don’t be as silly as me – memorize it, bookmark it, print it out, tattoo it to your arm! Don’t let this recipe, in all its glorious fresh, warm, cheesy, potatoey goodness, pass you by!

Roasted tomato sandwiches

Save a few slices of no-knead bread and grab a few extra nicoise ingredients (cheese, tomatoes, arugula, oh my!), and you’ll be ready to make these tasty sandwiches. The combination of fresh arugula, salty cheese, crispy bread and sweet, roasted tomato is nearly unbeatable in a sandwich. Do it up! 


There we have it, friends: Three favourite recipes of posts past, guaranteed to tide you over with tastiness until I get my act together and share something new. Until then, happy eating!

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