A Sweet Freebie: Valentine's Day Cards for Food Lovers!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I want to help you spread the love through that great communicator of affection: food. But since shipping a fancy meal to family and friends who live out of dinner party range isn’t particularly practical, I’m skipping the usual recipe and giving you something better: food-themed valentines!


The valentines are inspired by the perforated, creaseless little cards from our elementary school days. But in place of the Power Rangers and Looney Tunes, you’ll find four cards decorated with quirky, food-themed messages of affection. I’ve left the backs blank to spare you the horrors of double-sided printing and to give you more room to write your message (maybe a favourite recipe?). 

card-pack-mini.jpgThe download — a zip file — will hook you up with a ready-to-print file containing the full set of cards, conveniently sized to fit a standard letter-sized (8.5x11) sheet of paper. Just print, cut and send! I’ve also shared the files for each individual card, in case you want to let all of your friends know that you think they’re spicy. Just open up the jpegs, drop as many as you want onto a page, and you’re ready to print. 

Now get out there and spread the food-love! Download your free valentines!


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