An Interlude of Apricots

It just occurred to me last night that I’m not nearly ready for my upcoming trip to Australia. And I leave in six days. 

This would be fine, if all I had on my plate was trip preparation. But alas, my to-do list is a little more complicated. Alongside waterproof your shoes, read giant pile of guide books and buy a harmonica (Australia essentials, you know), I’ve got things like finish TOP-SECRET project, build your website already!, sort out a post-Australia life plan, and figure out how to deal with spiders (time permitting)


In short, any time I had allocated to cooking yesterday got eaten by the monster to-do list. In fact, cooking in general is off the table for the next few days. Fortunately, there’s a ton of amazing produce in season now, which means that I’ll be surviving on apricots with a side of peaches, along with the usual microwaved oats, for the next little while.

If, like me, you’re low on time and living in the northern hemisphere, enjoy what the (short) growing season has to offer and indulge in some incredible, unadulterated produce.

Recipes to come soon, I promise! And stay tuned for more on my Australian adventure and that TOP-SECRET project!

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