FoodHappy in Australia!

Hi friends! For the next four weeks, I’ll be in Australia, exploring the southeast coast of the country and eating lots of tasty treats along the way. Today, my traveling companion and I are embarking on a two-week road trip, first stop: the bakery!


I’ll be in and out of internet range over the next couple of days as we make our way to Melbourne down the lefthand side of the road, so it’ll be all quiet on the blog front until the weekend. But keep checking back, as I’ll be sharing stories and photos from our adventures, along with some tasty insights into Australian food I gained in my first week in the country (think: tropical fruits, koala-shaped chocolate bars and rainbow sprinkles atop white bread).


In the mean time, I’ve got a few photos for you from my first day in Australia, which we spent exploring Sydney. 


 Beaches and donuts: a winning combination!


 Hanging out at Manly Beach, and making our way back to the centre of Sydney. Locals commute by boat and stroller. 


Not bad, friends, not bad! See you all again soon!

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