Update from the Island & An Interview with Moleskine

Friends! I’m sorry for the quiet on the blog front this week. It’s been busy times here in Prince Edward Island, where I’m staying for a month to visit my family and work on a photo project (more details on that one soon!). Despite my best intentions to share recipes from my adventures on ‘the Island’, as it’s affectionately known here, I’m a few days behind. Soon, though, I’ll have tasty morsels to send your way, I promise! 

pei-trio.jpgIn the mean time, if you’re in the market for travel photos and recipes, you can check out the e-version of the photo book I made using photos and recipes I collected in Italy last summer. The book, along with a short interview with dorky me, is currently featured on the Moleskine Facebook page and blog. If you’re a FoodHappy regular, the recipes will be old news (stuff like caprese salad, bruschetta, Roman mac and cheese, and cinnamon and almond biscotti), but you will find loads of nifty Italy photos that didn’t make the blog. 


And with that, I’m off to get ready for a day of travel with the family and (hopefully) snap a few shots to share with you! 

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