Behind the Scenes: A Video Short!

While I was taking photos for last week’s post, my brother-in-law, Rob, shot some video. A photographer/videographer/educator by day (and most nights and weekends too), Rob’s gearing up for a new project where he’ll combine off-the-cuff audio with video to tell a story. And though I’m infinitely more comfortable behind the camera, staring down a batch of wholly unintimidating biscuits, I volunteered to serve as Rob’s test subject as he practices in preparation for the project. The resulting video lets you look at me staring down those biscuits, and gives you a quick, two-minute peek into my usual process as I take photos for a FoodHappy post. 

Be kind in your thoughts as I make mistakes in the recipe and mumble my way, sometimes flusteredly, through Rob’s questions. I’m new to video! But mostly, just enjoy Rob’s awesome handiwork.  

If you want to see more of Rob’s work, and learn how to get some sweet photography and videography skills of your own, you can find him over here

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