Introducing: The Breakfast Guide

Hey team!

Today, I have a new guide for you and this one is all about breakfast! As with the Dinner Guide, the Breakfast Guide is an inventory of relevant posts that have appeared on FoodHappy. This one contains nearly 30 breakfast-friendly recipes from the archives, from simple stuff like seven easy ways to spice up a simple bowl of oats, to decadent things like an apple-studded baked pancake and savoury french toast. 

breakfast-guide.jpgYou’ll also find recipes for scones, muffins, quickbreads, an awesome egg sandwich, a speedy breakfast built around couscous and more! Each recipe comes with a quick description, and notes about how long it takes to prepare and how much it makes, to help you find what you’re looking for, faster.

Check out the Breakfast Guide here, or click the page title at the top of your screen. 

Happy exploring!

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