Lobster Island: A Book, A Website, An Adventure!

Today: Something a little different and, I hope, a little exciting.

This summer, I spent a month on Prince Edward Island, a little province on the east coast of Canada. I was there in part to visit my parents and relatives, but also to spend time with the cool folks of Photography Concentrate to shoot a documentary project about lobster culture on the Island.

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We spent the month traveling around the Island with our cameras and notebooks, getting a sense of what lobster means to the people who live there. And it turns out, it means a lot. Fishing is a central part of Island identity. 

You can see its mark on the place when you look out on the water, which is dotted with little boats from 5AM to 12PM Monday through Saturday, rain or shine. You see it as you make your way along the coast, in the historic wooden lighthouses that Islanders fight to preserve long after they’ve gone out of use.  

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And you see it in the understated beauty of the wharfs where fishers park their boats, sell their catch, and store their gear. Time and again, we found these to be places that reflect the trust, tradition and pride that underpin the industry; storage shacks are left unlocked, wooden traps built in the traditional style are stacked in neat rows, and fishers are quick to say a friendly hello to those photographers from ‘out west’.  


Over the course of the month, we gathered stories, images, videos and, of course, recipes that we hope do justice to lobster culture on the Island. An we’ve spent the past few months packaging them in a way that, we hope, will appeal to people both on and off of the Island. 

We’ve given the material a permanent home on a snazzy new website, which you can find at www.lobsterisland.co. We’ve also put a lot of love into building a fine art book that holds our favourite stories, images and recipes from our time on the Island. 

The project – the website, book and also a behind-the-scenes guide – all launched today (hurray!). Again, check out www.lobsterisland.co to get the lowdown. 


And if you want to skip straight to the tasty stuff, head to the links below for a feast’s-worth of new, Island-inspired recipes (the seafood ones are brought to you by my shellfish-loving Lobster Island partners).

     Honeyed Coleslaw from Aunty Lynda
     Roasted Potato Salad with Lemon and Dill
     Uncle Pauls’ Eight-hour Seafood Chowder
     Mussels with White Wine
     Campfire Lobster
     Beth’s Award-winning Blueberry Pie 

I hope you have an awesome time exploring!

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