Cake, Cake and More Cake

When your nephew turns one, it calls for cake. And another cake. And another another cake. So lately, I’ve been baking.  


Cake #1, made for Max’s proper birthday just over a week ago, was a simple thing: A whole wheat banana cake, cut into stackable little rounds, iced with semi-sweet chocolate, and rolled in shredded coconut. The chocolate shell gave Max’s new teeth a run for their money, but in the end he prevailed, gaining tasty cake and an important life lesson about the rewards of perseverance in the process. Just what a baby needs. 


Cake #2, made for his birthday party this past weekend, had his mom and I taking a refresher course on the same lesson. When we first saw the cake online – a triple-layer sprinkle concoction topped with fluffy white icing and sprinkle-studded cookie bits – we thought, Hey, that looks easy…let’s triple it!

Oh-ho! We paid the price for our naivety, spending Friday afternoon and evening working through pounds of ingredients, fashioning a cake mould from plastic wrap and cardboard, assembling for hours, then transferring our 10-inch cardboard-wrapped cake to the freezer to sit for half a day. When we finished at 11PM, we had zero confidence in the cake. Or ourselves. 

But thank the heavenly cake gods, it worked! And oh man, a tiny slice went a long way towards happiness.  


And Cake #3? Using the extras from Cake #2, we fashioned Max a mini version of the big cake, for his enjoyment and destruction. He was successful on both accounts. 

The past two days have been dedicated to party recovery, but soon I’ll share instructions for the teeny banana cake. In the mean time, if you want to give the sprinkle cake a go (and you definitely should, so long as you have a half-day to spare), you can find the recipe and full instructions over here.

Happy Tuesday to you, and again, happy first birthday to Max! 

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