Easter Edibles

Friends! As you may have gathered from last week’s series of late posts (I did finally share that pasta, by the way), things here have been a little busy as of late. After spending the week living out of a backpack and eating takeout, in the name of helping bring this project to life, by Friday I was properly frazzled. And so I made grand plans for the weekend. Plans to spend time catching up on the things I’d been neglecting, like cooking and sleeping and paying my taxes. 

cookies.jpgBut no. I did not do those things. Instead, I joined friends for a long breakfast at a bustling farmers’ market. I spent an afternoon learning, from a friend-slash-amazing-baker, how to transform sugar cookies into little works of edible art.

I joined my sister in hiding plastic eggs – stuffed with fridge magnets and little socks – for my nephew’s first ever easter egg hunt. Then I stuck around, for egg-dying, kite-flying, playground-exploring and barbecuing in the evening sun.  

eggs.jpgWhich is to say that I accomplished nothing that I set out to. But of course, I wouldn’t change a thing. Although, after yesterday’s breakfast of bread and lunch of carrot sticks, it may be time to start cooking again. And then there are those taxes…

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