Easy, Australian Muesli

You might think that having a website dedicated to food would push you to step up your game, culinarily speaking. Sure, sometimes you may get ambitious and, say, attempt to tackle your fear of yeasted dough or make a recipe that requires more complex steps than ‘simmering’ and ‘stirring’.   


Other times, you (read: I) look for shortcuts. For ways of making tasty eating take less time and effort. And not in the name of healthfulness or world peace, but simply because you want to dedicate a maximum of three minutes to preparing breakfast. 

Three years ago, I got the ball rolling by showing you how to turn cooked oats into a week’s worth of interesting breakfasts. Then came the granola, taking the morning cooking out of the equation. Follow that with bircher muesli, where cooking was dropped altogether and an overnight soaking stepped in to plump the oats to edibility.


Today, I add to the FoodHappy repertoire a recipe that completes my descent into lazy morning meals: muesli, the Australian way. No cooking. No soaking. Just oats mixed with nuts and dried fruit, and served with milk, like cold cereal. This time next year, you’ll find me eating raw oats by the fistful, straight from the bag. 


The muesli idea was odd to me at first; raw oats are so chewy. But my travelling companion and I were in need of convenient things to take camping around Australia’s southeast coast, and the plethora of premixed bagged muesli on the grocery store shelves suggested that it was edible and maybe even enjoyable, so we tried it. It was wholesome, satisfying and fast. And best of all: no pots to clean!

making-muesli.jpgNowadays, we keep homemade muesli on hand for near-instant breakfasts, cooking it on cold days, and otherwise eating it raw, with milk, fresh fruit, yogurt and honey. Ultimate lazy homemade breakfast: achieved.

Muesli, Australian-style
Makes 5 3/4-cup servings (in other words: your weekday breakfasts are covered!)

Note: Feel free to substitute in other nuts, seeds and dried fruits of your liking. Just keep the ratio of 2 cups of oats, 3/4 cup of dried fruit and 1 cup of nuts and seeds, and your mix will be tasty! 


2 cups of raw oats (the kind that take 10 minutes to cook)
1/2 cup dried raisins
1/4 cup dried, unsweetened coconut
1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup raw, slivered almonds
1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
1/4 cup flaxseed 

For serving: milk (or non-dairy alternative), yogurt, fresh or preserved fruit, sweeteners like honey or maple syrup


Drop your oats, dried fruit, nuts and seeds into a large bowl. Stir until the goodies are evenly dispersed through the oats. Store in an airtight container or bag. Serve, 3/4 cup at a time, with milk, yogurt, fruit and a bit of your sweetener of choice.  


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