A Sweet Freebie: Photo-themed Valentine's Day Cards!

Friends! Valentine’s Day is nearly here! Last year, to help you spread the love, I designed some silly, food-themed cards for you to print off and share with the sweet and spicy people in your life.

This year, in honour of the occasion, I teamed up with the folks at Photography Concentrate to design a new set of cards, inspired by the perforated drugstore valentines of our younger years. The theme of this year’s set of cards is photography. So if you’ve been looking for a way to let someone know that they, say, increase your shutter speed, look no further! 

all-designs.jpgTo get the goods (they’re free!), head over to Photography Concentrate, pop in your email address, and you’ll be emailed access to a printer-friendly version of the cards. Or, if social media is more your thing, simply save the digital files to your desktop directly from the linked page above and post away, no email address necessary. 


You can also still grab last year’s food-themed Valentines here. The download (a zip file) will give you a ready-to-print file containing the full set of cards, plus individual images of each card in case you want to tell everyone that they’re the peanut butter to your jelly


I hope your day is sweet!

Click here to get your free, photo-themed valentines.

Download your free, food-themed valentines here.

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