The Top 10 Tastiest Posts of 2014

Friends! Before we dive into new adventures, let’s take a moment to reflect on the year that’s passed. And what a year it was, full of adventures, tips and, of course, tasty recipes.

I’ve rounded up the recipes that I consider to be the best of the bunch – the ones that I’ve made time and again since sharing them with you. If you’re going to make anything from the past year, make it one of these 10. Ready?

In random order, here they are…


1. Edamame Tacos with Sesame Slaw 


Inspired by an amazing and totally unassuming taco stall in Victoria, BC, these are the best veggie tacos I’ve ever had. The ingredients list is unusual, but persevere and you’ll be wholly rewarded.

Get the taco recipe here! 

2. Avocado Sandwiches, Two Ways 

_MG_5282.jpgThe first: A crisp piece of toast topped with a virtuous combination of avocado, lemon, feta and sunflower seeds. The second: A decadent grilled cheese topped with melty cheese and Doritos. Both: amazing. Make them, stat!

Get the sandwich recipes here! 

3. 5-minute Mac and Cheese


Homemade mac and cheese, in five minutes (yes, it really can be done, and no, you don’t need any neon cheese). 

Get the mac and cheese recipe here!

4. Vegetarian Puttanesca


If you’re willing to expend more than 5 minutes on your next round of pasta, opt for puttanesca. With the help of an entirely non-traditional ingredient, this vegetarian version of the classic Italian dish keeps its savoury flavour despite the omission of pungent little fish. This one currently holds the #1 spot on my long list of favourite pastas.

Get the puttanesca recipe here!

5. Yellow Curry with Potatoes, Beans and Collard Greens


Salty, starchy and satisfying, this is the crack of curries. Triple bonus: it’s infinitely adaptable, makes lots and is way cheaper than actual crack. 

Get the curry recipe here!

6. Cocoa Brownies  

_MG_6355.jpgThough I’m usually a bit of a baking tinkerer, these are the only brownies I make. They’re delicious fresh out of the oven, but if you can exercise the control to let them chill in the fridge, they become so much better: dense, chewy and intensely chocolatey. Bonus: They’re made from elemental sorts of baking ingredients – eggs, cocoa, flour, salt – which means you can probably get a batch started right now.

Get the brownie recipe here!

7. Vegetarian Gado Gado (Veggie Salad + Peanut Sauce)

_MG_0180.jpgPeanut sauce + potatoes + crispy veggies = perhaps the perfect summer dinner. Not that I speak from experience – I made it in the middle of fall – but I can imagine it would be awesome eaten picnic-style, or on a patio with a glass of chilled white wine.

Get the gado gado recipe here!

8. Granola Pecans

_MG_0017.jpgCoating pecans in oats may not sound like the most exciting thing you could do with your time, but the results are amazing. If you’ve got healthfulness on the brain – it is the start of a new year, after all – you’ll be happy to know that these score pretty well, at least as far as candied nuts go.

Get the granola pecan recipe here!

9. Redemption Salad 

_MG_1720.jpgWhile in Seattle, my sister, brother-in-law and I indulged ourselves to the point where we couldn’t stand the sight of another pizza or pastry. And so, redemption salad was born. Intended to be a one-time fix for an unusually unhealthy diet, it turned out to be so delicious that we make it just because.

Get the redemption salad recipe here!

10. Four-ingredient Sesame Sauce


The ultimate in lazy sauces, this one has you stir four ingredients together in a bowl and call it a day. The recipe suggests you serve it over rice, but just last week I ate it over steamed potatoes, green beans and broccoli, and it was even more delicious (and easy).

Get the sesame sauce recipe here!


11. Rainbow(ish) Fruit Popsicles


Popsicles in January isn’t particularly on point, I realize, but these rainbow fruit popsicles are so cheerful that it felt unkind to leave them off the list. Save them for the summer, then dig out your blender and enjoy happy, healthy, colourful treats galore!

Get the popsicle recipe here!

Well, guys, that wraps up the year. I hope 2014 treated you to lots of excellent adventures and delicious food, and that 2015 brings even better things your way. 

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