Potatoes from the Past

I’m combating a case of potato-writer’s block and unable to find a fellow potato-writer to counsel me through, so the new potato post remains unposted. If you were counting on potatoey goodness today, fear not – I have, at least, managed to round up a few delicious potato recipes from the past to tide you over. Here they are, in no particular order:


Yellow curry with potatoes and collard beans (a starchy, salty favourite of mine)

Deliciously crispy smashed potatoes with herbs

Super-saucy roasted potato salad

Potato pancakes (tons of work, tons of tasty)

Buttermilk mashed potatoes

Potato pizza with piles of cheese

Potato rendang (a bright, lemongrass-and-ginger sort of curry)


There you have it, friends, a week’s worth of potato recipes from the past. Here’s hoping I have a new one to add to the list soon!

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