Hi friends!

Thanks for dropping by! Since you’ve found your way over to this page, I’m guessing you’re looking for more information about FoodHappy, me, or a bit of both. I’ll do my best to give you a quick overview of who I am and why the site exists, but if the speedy summary below doesn’t do the trick, you can always drop me a line at steph@foodhappy.ca. Now on with the show!



My name is Stephanie and I’m the sole operator behind the tasty machine that is FoodHappy. I blog out of my apartment in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which means I’ll forever be posting hearty, cold-weather fare long after the rest of the northern hemisphere has moved into spring. My background is entirely unrelated to cooking, but I’ve been interested in food since I first encountered a pickled egg at the tender, un-pickled age of two. Which isn’t to say that I found the egg all that appetizing, but I’ve maintained a healthy interest in food preparation and history for as long as I can remember. 

Outside the world of blogging, you can find me helping out at the photography education site, Photography Concentrate, researching topics related to agriculture and the environment, and taking photos of things other than bowls and plates. 


FoodHappy got started in early 2011 as a way to pass along recipes and cooking tips to friends and family who find cooking intimidating. The recipes I post are geared towards producing tasty food using simple techniques and tools, and easy-to-find ingredients. And though everything I post is meat-free, I try to share recipes that will appeal to eaters of all kinds. 

Photography plays a big role in what I do. In fact, the idea for the blog existed well before 2011, but it wasn’t until my sister and brother-in-law encouraged me to buy a camera that I got started (nothing like the thought of an expensive investment going unused to motivate, right?). I try to use photos to take some of the scariness out of cooking, posting step-by-step shots of recipe preparation and ingredients shots that show everything required to make a dish. 


As much as blogging helps me improve my own skills, the focus of the site is infinitely more about you guys than it is about me. If you have suggestions on how I can improve the site, or if there’s some scary dish that you want help making, let me know! Leave me a comment or send me an email (steph@foodhappy.ca) and I’ll do my best to help you out. 


If you’ve made it this far and still haven’t had your FoodHappy fill, check out the short video below, made by my awesome videographer/photographer brother-in-law, Rob. The video will give you an idea of how a typical post comes together, while you watch me do silly things like stand on chairs to take photos.