Breakfast Guide

In need of new breakfast ideas? This list has got you covered! Here, you’ll find all of the breakfast-ish recipes that have appeared on FoodHappy over the years, from speedy cereals and simple quickbreads, to decadent, brunch-worthy fare. Next to each recipe, you’ll find information about the dish, including how long it takes to prepare and how much it makes. Now click the link to the full recipe, get the coffee going, and you’ll be on your way to an excellent morning. 


Bircher Muesli   


The Idea: This muesli is made by mixing oats with yogurt, grated apple and other tasty things, and letting it sit in the fridge overnight. Come morning, all you need to do is grab it and go! 

Serves: 1 and scales easily.

Time (prep included): ~5 minutes.

Granola, Four Ways


The Idea: Having homemade granola on hand makes it easy to prepare a good breakfast, quickly. Here, you’ll find four variations, like walnut with fig and cinnamon, or cashew with dates and orange zest. 

Makes: ~8 cups.

Time (prep included): ~45 minutes. 


Oatmeal, Seven Ways


The Idea: Here, you’ll find seven different variations on a simple bowl of oatmeal, like peanut butter and banana, chocolate and strawberry, and even a version made with an egg. A week’s worth of unique breakfasts is a click away! 

Serves: 1 and scales easily. 

Time (prep included): ~5-10 minutes.  

Breakfast Couscous


The Idea: Couscous cooks quickly, making it perfect for when you want a speedy, hot breakfast. Here, it’s topped off with an Earl-Grey-infused fruit compote. Tasty!

Serves: 1 and scales easily.

Time (prep included): ~10-20 minutes.



German Apple Pancake


The Idea: My sister aptly describes this giant, apple-topped custardy pancake as “french toast without the toast”. It’s more dessert than breakfast, but sometimes that’s just what you need to get going in the morning!

Serves: 4-6. 

Time (prep included): ~1 hour and 15 minutes. 


Oatmeal Pancakes

oatmeal-pancakes.jpgThe Idea: Fluffy, whole grain pancakes, lightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, and topped with yogurt and bananas. Decadent and wholesome in one fell swoop!

Makess: ~12 medium-sized pancakes. 

Time (prep included): ~30-45 minutes. 

Potato Pancakes


The Idea: These crispy little potato pancakes make a filling, tasty breakfast. Top them with yogurt, green onions or applesauce. Delicious!

Makes: 12 medium-sized pancakes. 

Time (prep included): ~45 minutes.   

Chocolate Pancakes 


The Idea: Is it dessert? Is it breakfast? Does it even matter? Everyone should eat chocolate pancakes at least once in their lifetime. 

Serves: 12 medium-sized pancakes. 

Time (prep included): ~35 minutes. 




Savoury French Toast


The Idea: Crusty bread is soaked in an egg and cream mixture, fried, baked, topped with cheese and baked again, then served with a savoury salad. It takes some time to prepare, but it’s beyond delicious.

Serves: 3-4.

Time (prep included): ~1 hour. 

Eggwich with Avocado and Cheese


The Idea: This tasty little egg sandwich comes together quickly and hits all the right savoury notes (like salty cheese, spicy sriracha, fresh tomato and buttery avocado).  

Serves: 1 and scales easily.

Time (prep included): ~10 minutes.



Cranberry Scones


The Idea: These super-tender scones are made with fresh cranberries, lemon zest and cream. Delicious!

Makes: 12-16 scones.

Time (prep included): ~45 minutes.

Fresh Ginger Muffins  


The Idea: These little muffins, made with loads of fresh ginger and lemon zest, are spicy and golden. They’re perfect for a fall or winter morning. 

Makes: 12-16 muffins.

Time (prep included): ~35-45 minutes.

Honey Whole Wheat Biscuits with Blueberries


The Idea: These barely-sweet biscuits come together quickly and can be made without dairy. We topped ours with blueberry sauce - not a bad idea! 

Makes: 10-12 biscuits.

Time (prep included): ~25 minutes.  

Aunt Lorraine’s Cheese Biscuits


The Idea: You could be less than 30 minutes away from amazingly tall, super-tender cheese biscuits. What are you waiting for?   

Serves: 10-12 biscuits.

Time (prep included): ~25 minutes. 









No-Knead Fruit Bread 


The Idea: This hearty, fruit-studded bread makes for a great slice of toast (plus, it’s super-easy to make!)

Makes: 1 9x5-inch loaf. 

Time: ~5 minutes of active time and 24 hours of inactive time.  

Bourbon Banana Bread


The Idea: Banana bread goes grown-up with the addition of bourbon and nutmeg.

Makes: 1 9x5-inch loaf. 

Time: ~1 hour.

Cinnamon-Raisin Quickbread


The Idea: This unassuming little cinnamon-raisin loaf is great to have on hand when you’re running late or in need of a morning snack.

Makes: 1 9x5-inch loaf.

Time: ~50 minutes. 

Olive Oil & Walnut Quickbread


The Idea: This walnut-topped, lemony olive oil cake would make for a tasty addition to a brunch spread. 

Makes: 1 9x5-inch loaf.

Time: ~1 hour.  




Cosmic Cookies

cosmic-cookies.jpgThe Idea: These little cookies pack a nutritional punch, thanks to goodies like dried fruits, seeds and oats. I like to take them along as a camping snack, but they’d also do well as a mid-morning pick-me-up alongside a piece of fruit. 

Makes: 24 hefty cookies or scores of little ones. 

Time (prep included): ~35 minutes.  


Coconut, Carrot & Pecan Cookies

carrot-cookies.jpgThe Idea: Made with oats, carrots, nuts and maple syrup, these are about as wholesome as cookies get. They’re best eaten day-of, so save them for when you have company.

Makes: Just shy of 3 dozen.

Time (prep included): ~35 minutes. 

Granola Bars

Granola-bars.jpgThe Idea: Hearty granola bars are great to have on hand when you’re running late in the morning or in need of a mid-morning snack. Here, you’ll find two variations: one made with dark chocolate and dried cherries, and one with milk chocolate and salted peanuts.

Serves: Makes 12-24 granola bars, depending on how big you slice them.  

Time (prep included): ~1 hour (plus 2-3 hours cooling time). 

Gram’s Coffee Cake


The Idea: My grandmother would make this apple coffee cake, swirled with a cinnamon and brown sugar, whenever she’d come to visit. Make it when the temperature drops and you’ve got friends by for a morning cup of tea. 

Serves: 1 single layer, 9-inch cake.  

Time (prep included): ~1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Apple Cake


The Idea: This single-layer, buttermilk coffee cake is tender, tasty and a cinch to put together. An easy addition to a brunch spread!

Makes: 1 single layer, 8-9-inch cake.  

Time (prep included): ~50 minutes. 



Mango Lassi 

lassi.jpgThe Idea: This chilly, mango and rose-water flavoured yogurt drink is delicious and comes together quickly. Serve it at brunch, or whenever you’re in the mood for a tasty treat. 

Makes: ~1 litre. 

Time (prep included): ~5 minutes.  


Chocolate, Banana and Cherry Smoothie


The Idea: Made with banana, cocoa, frozen cherries, maple syrup and almond milk, this wholesome smoothie tastes super-decadent. 

Serves: 1 and scales easily. 

Time (prep included): ~5 minutes. 


Yogurt with Mango & Blueberry Sauces 


The Idea: Storebought fruit yogurts tend to be full of sugar. Not so great for breakfast. Fortunately, it’s easy to flavour your own yogurt. This post will show you how. 

Makes: 1.5 cups of fruit sauce.

Time (prep included): Between 5 and 20 minutes. 


Easy Necatrine & Plum Sauce


The Idea: If you’ve never had a stewed nectarine, you’re missing out! Try this simple sauce, and you’ll be converted. It’s great on pancakes, yogurt, oatmeal or all by itself. 

Makes: 1 cup

Time (prep included): ~30 minutes. 

The Easiest Way to Whip Cream


The Idea: Every now and then, life demands that you put whipped cream on your pancakes. Here’s the simplest way to do it.

Makes: 3/4 cup of whipped cream, and scales easily.  

Time (prep included): 5 minutes.